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    • Hi Venkat,

      Alias – If the schema is having only one end of the one to many joins and no others with only one end joins use aliases.

      Context – To resolve Chasm Trap & Fan trap and also to avoid loops in some cases.

      Shortcut Join – Shortcut join mostly used when you A, B, C & D tables and all are joined (A-B, B-C, C-D) and you dont want any object from C table in that case you case use Shortcut join A-D and while executing the query table C will be eliminated.


  1. Nice blog sir,
    I completed my MCA-11, I’ve learned BO course.Excellent knowledge on BO.If there is any startup company will give chance like us,kindly suggest me.

  2. HI Friends,

    I have recently assigned for a MIGRATION PROJECT.
    Can i have any inputs and major challenges while migrating reports, what are the steps to follow.It will help me a lot if you provide some inputs.

    Thanks in advance……..

      • HI madesh,

        we are migrating 3.1 to 4.2 environment we have few thousands of crystal reports to migrate.

        can u tell me major challenges and what are the steps to follow while migration.

        Thanks in advance……..

        • Hi Srinivas, migrating from 3.1 to 4.2 environment wouldn’t be an big issue and more or less both versions are having similar functions. You just make sure your report alignments are as expected after the migration.

          Kind request to you, please post the questions in respected post which help everyone find the proper answer for all the time.


          • Hi Madhesh, thanks for the reply and i want to know how many BIAR files required for file repository server 500GB and How can we split each BIAR file.

            Thanks in Advance…

    • Hi Venkat,

      ZABO is used in old version of Business Objects.

      ZABO (ZABO means Zero Administration Business Objects) is also known as 3-tier Reporter, the benefit is central administration and updates using the Business Objects server (aka Webi server). All database middleware only needs to be installed and configured on your Business Objects server and not on the individual workstations.

      ZABO will install as a full blown application though on the workstations. When started ZABO connects to the
      Business Objects server and all Business Objects requests are then handled via the Business Objects server (hence 3-tier).

      3-tier deployments of Business Objects bring you all of the reporting options and most of the data analysis
      functions of the 2-tier version of the flagship product Business Objects in a zero-administration solution. This deployment of Business Objects offers the following advantages:
      • The client machine is automatically configured during installation.
      • Middleware is installed on the server so data access is centralized and easier to maintain.
      • A Business Objects server handles both login and data access.
      • The server system processing Business Objects requests can run either Windows or UNIX.
      In this scenario, Business Objects runs on a Windows PC as a standalone Windows application. Each time you
      launch the product, it checks that it is compatible with the server version; if it is out of date; you are
      prompted to update your client version. Only the minimum required software is installed on the client PC. All middleware and online help files remain
      on the server, and security and access is handled through the Business Objects server. This means no client-side administration is required.


  3. Hi Madhes, need to know how i can change the number of rows to be return in query builder, it defaults to return only 1000 rows .We have more data , but it return only 1000 rows

  4. Windows 7 64 Bit DA0005 Error
    Dear madhesh
    Please let me know.
    I have installed
    BOEXI3.1 SP6 32Bit
    ORACLE client 32bit
    Server Oracle DB 64BIT
    OS is win 7 64 bit
    will it support or not . I am getting an TNS entry error.. DA0005 Error
    what should i change the configuration in environment variables. Please suggest


  5. Hello Madhes,
    I find your blog very important and I respect your efforts to share information with others.
    It’s a kind of you to do this Good Job!
    Thank you, so much.
    Your friend from Morocco,
    Yassine MOUHADDIR
    SysAdmin and BO Report Developper

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