File Error: “Data may have been lost” While opening the Converted Excel report – BO XI 3.1 SP5

This was a strange issue when we open a excel format report (Deski report converted to excel through scheduler) “File Error: data may have been lost.”

Data lost Excel Issue1Tried to analyze the issue and checked the option available in the scheduler. Currently we have been using “xls” for the report and tried to change to “xlsx” and that also didn’t work well.

Then we changed our analysis and checked in the report and found there is an “####” issue in the report structure. One of the column values (SUM section) had “####” issue due to lesser width.
Data lost Excel Issue2Increased the width of the column and scheduled the report, now its working fine without any issues. This issue was there when we try to save the report as excel in local and after increased the width of that column report working fine.


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