Query Stripping in BO reports

What is query stripping and how it is been helpful for you in your report performance?

To Know about Query stripping, you should aware the concept of microcube. Microcube is a kind of cache and each & every object that are included in your report query will be computed in the microcube, irrespective of whether they are directly or indirectly used in the final report structure.

When you delete some objects in your report structure, when refreshing the report, it will refresh the complete microcube. This can result in a performance impact as the data is retrieved by the query which will not be directly or indirectly used in the report structure.

Query stripping is a feature that will remove unused (the objects which are not present in report structure) objects from a query automatically to improve performance and reduce the data contained in the microcube. Query Stripping was originally only available for BICS based connectivity to BEx queries and later Query Stripping feature is available on XI3.1 SP3 and BI4.0 for Relational database connections.

Note: BICS based documents, Query Stripping is enabled by default.

1. Enable the Query Striping in Webi report / document properties as mentioned below.

Query Stripping1

2.  Enable the. Query Striping in Webi report Query panel properties as mentioned below.

Query Stripping2

Please make sure Query Striping option is enabled in both the places to get proper report performance of the Webi report. If you are not enabled in any one the place, then you may not get the benefits of query striping feature.

To validate / check your Query striping enabled properly please go to Query panel and check the report SQL and you could see the difference as mentioned below.

Query Stripping3

You can see in the above SQL has been stripped of unused objects and it should refresh without unused objects.
.Please use Query Striping feature in your report and improve the report performance.


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