What is mean by SAP Business Objects tool versions, Build and Editions in their release?

What is mean by a version?

When a BO product is released to the public it is given a unique number to identify the release. If this is the first release of the product, it will typically be labeled as 1 (can also be written as 1.00 or 1.0 or 1.0.0 — which all mean the same).

A version number can contain one or more elements: Major revision, moderate revision, and minor revision.

Major revision: This is usually the first number (#.x)- a new major revision of a software generally brings significant change (BO Support Packs), such as a new user interface, lots of bug fixes or added functionality.

Moderate revision: This is usually the second number (x.#), and an increase signals a somewhat noticeable but not necessarily major change (BO Fix Packs).

Minor revision: When minor revision is included in a version number, it is usually either in a number of its own (x.x.#) or together with the moderate revision (x.x#), leading to version numbers like 3.02 (mostly BO Monthly Hot fix or BO Critical hot fix). The minor revision is also referred to as “point update” or “corrective patch” and are typically a collection of bug fixes, but can contain new feature(s) or can change functionality of existing feature(s).

To get the complete history of BO versions, Please click here.

What is mean by a build?
A build is usually three- or four-digit, which refers to the revision of the program’s internal code. During the development cycle and/or fix cycle, there may be several builds released to testers and/or QA (Quality Assurance) people before it is felt that the product is ready for public release. Therefore, the build that is listed on a publicly released product refers to the revision of the program’s internal code at the time of release.

What is mean by an edition?
An edition specifies the version of Crystal Reports and/or Business Objects Enterprise and/or Crystal Enterprise that the product has been designed to be used with.


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