How to create Business Objects Universe in universe Designer?

Universe can be created using universe designer and this kind of universe file is saved as .unv and from 4.0 you can also create the universes using IDT (Information Design Tool) and these universe file would be saved as .unx.

This post would explain the basic & common steps of how to create universe using universe designer and it will be helpful for new comers to understand the universe basing universe creation process using universe designer.

Step 1: Login to BO universe Designer

BO Universe Designer1

Step 2: Universe Designer Home Page with quick welcome wizard.

BO Universe Designer2

Step 3: Instead of following with Quick wizard, will create the universe by normal method. Click New universe button or go to File—New. Universe Parameters screen will open.

BO Universe Designer3

Step 4: Provide proper universe (your project name) and this is not an universe file name. Also add proper description to find out what is the reason / use of this universe build along with when the universe created and version of the universe and then select the universe connection (universe connection can be created in CMC by administrator) in definition tab. Click OK.

BO Universe Designer4

Step 5: Universe Structure & universe window without tables & classes.

BO Universe Designer5

Step 6: Go to Insert – Tables or double click in the universe structure to open table browser.

BO Universe Designer6

Step 7: Select the required tables in table browser and click Insert / drag those tables into universe structure.

BO Universe Designer7

Step 8: Once the required tables are inserted, please create a join between the tables and define the cardinality

BO Universe Designer8

Joins created between fact & dimension tables and cardinality defined “One to Many” between Dimension & fact tables.

Step 9: We need to verify is there any loop occurred in our structure by clicking Detect loop option. Since we are having very less tables and joins, by look itself we can find there is no loop in our universe structure. Click the Detect loop option and you will get message saying “no Loops detected”.

BO Universe Designer9

Step 10: Create Classes & objects based on your requirement. To have better understanding and clarity, please create facts & dimension objects by separate classes and it would help user / developer to analyze the reports faster and with more clarity.

BO Universe Designer10

While creating classes & objects, you must follow some standards of classes & object creation.

Step 11: Save the universe by clicking the option and give proper universe file and same will be stored in your repository. Once the universe is saved, please export the universe into repository fro report creation.

BO Universe Designer11

Step 12: Now you can create reports using DWBI revenue universe. GO to Webi report Rich client and click New report.

BO Universe Designer12Drag the required objects and run your report.

BO Universe Designer13You can have any number of tables / alias in your universe structure and your entire universe summary you can get it from universe Parameters – Summary tab.

BO Universe Designer14

Here I have explained very basic steps for universe development for beginners. You can learn the universe development in detail by selecting specific tops from the blog and post your comments.


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