What is “Input Columns” in IDT data foundation?

Input column is a parameter in the data source that expects a value and this is a new function in IDT universes. The parameter is represented in a table column in the data foundation. For each input column, you can provide a static value, or a parameter defined in the data foundation. The parameter can prompt the user for a value and be associated with a list of values. For some input columns, providing a value is optional.

These Input columns is more related Time-dependent data, having said data is fetched based on defined input date. Input column is available for SAP Business Warehouse/ERP or HANA time dependent universes. When you build the universes on top of BW/HANA/ERP then automatically you will get the input parameter column in the universe data foundation layer. Also you can add the input column in the data foundation layer for Time-dependent. Input column is supported with Multi-source universe.

Universe based on SAP NetWeaver BW:

An input column is inserted into each table in the data foundation that handles time-dependent data. Key date parameter is inserted into the data foundation at query time, by default these key date parameter is not prompted, because it is automatically assigned the current Date. If you want to change / update the key date parameter, you can edit the prompt parameter in data foundation.

Universe based on SAP ERP

One data foundation table is created to map the main function and it contains input columns for the input parameters of the function. These parameters can be mandatory or optional. For mandatory parameters, you enter either a static value or a data foundation parameter for the associated input column.

To assign a parameter to an input column, you must first define the parameter in the data foundation. For SAP NetWeaver BW key date variables, a data foundation parameter is automatically inserted.


To edit Input columns in the data foundation, Right-click the table header in the data foundation view and select Edit Input Column and add/ update the prompt as per your requirement.

• To assign a static value, select the Static Values radio button and enter the values in the text box.
• To assign a parameter, select the Parameter radio button and select the values from a list of parameters defined in the data foundation.

Note: The Values column indicates mandatory input columns as [mandatory], and optional input columns.


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