What is new in SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.2 SP3

SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence suite 4.2 SP3 has comprehensive set of new features and tools for transforming your data into useful user needed information and delivering it to the people who need it most. Below are the areas where we can see huge improvements and new features added as part of BI 4.2 SP3 release.

BI Platform

• Phase-wise update installation – GUI mode & CLI mode – users can now perform the update installation of BI 4.2 through Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode and Command Line Interface (CLI) mode.
• Deploying Web Application Contents – New Web Application Deployment window has been introduced in BI 4.2 and it can be decided when to deploy Web application. The Web Application Deployment window displays two radio button options – Deploy web applications now and Deploy web applications later.
• SAP HANA Database is supported as CMS and Audit Database from BI 4.2 SP3.
• BI Administrators’ Cockpit has Users and Sessions information – Introduction of Users and Sessions in BI Administrators’ Cockpit, you can get the number of active users, number of active sessions, and filter related details ass you wanted to show in your report. Also you can export the BI admin data into CSV format.
• Server Group Exclusivity – Now you can create exclusive server groups and Exclusive server groups contain servers or server groups that are not part of any other server group or common server pool.
• Mapping user group to server group – You can map a user group to a particular server group with the introduction of Default Settings option and choose to map an exclusive server group to a user group by selecting any of the ‘servers in the selected group’ or ‘Only use servers in the selected group’.
• Recycle Bin application in the BI Launch Pad – If user deletes any of the documents / item from their BI system it will move to Recycle Bin and temporarily stored until emptied manually by the user.
• New rights in BI Commentary – New Hide Comments and Bulk add comments are introduced in BI commentary. Using the hide comments right you can hide the comments in your BI document and using bulk add comments you copy or promote multiple comments on a document from source to destination system.
• Promotion Management Tool supports BI commentary –When you promote a document with comments, the comments are also migrated from source to destination system.
• Promotion Management Tool supports tenant promotion – Promotion Management tool supports promotion of tenants along with its dependencies from source to destination system by providing options to select and add tenants, and corresponding tenant objects to a job. It also establish the relationship between tenant and their object dependencies.
• Central Management Server Database Driver – SAP Business Objects Data Access Driver enables you to use a universe to query the CMS Database (CMS repository) and develop a universe and do report analysis of Server Connection, Semantic Layer, Reporting clients, etc.,

BI Platform RESTful Web Services

• Infostore – With updated RESTful API objects you can perform Listing objects, Getting object details, Listing children of objects, Listing relationship of objects, Getting relationship details between objects from Infostore.
• About Information – Now API URL displays information about the Build (example <vx>=v1).
• Timezone Information – Timezone API URL displays information about timezone information of the application server where the web services deployed.
• Authentication – Using authentication API you can get the all the login, logoff and token information.
• Scheduling – Using this RESTful API, You can get the scheduling templates and do almost all sort of schedules whichever you can able to do through GUI.
• User Management – This RESTful API helps to manage the users and you can perform Creating new user, Getting user details, Modifying user details, Deleting users through RESTful APIs.
• User group Management – This RESTful API helps to manage the user groups. Using this API you can perform Creating new user group, Adding New user group, remove users from group, modify user group information, deleting user groups, etc.,
• Publication Personalization – This RESTful API helps to personalize your publication. You can perform Listing Publications, Adding and Deleting Report Documents, Adding and Deleting Static Documents, Adding and Deleting Enterprise Users, Adding and Deleting Enterprise User Groups, Adding and Deleting Dynamic Recipients, Configuring Output Format for Reports, Configuring Destination Forms, Configuring Inbox Destination Plugin, Configure SMTP Destination Plugin, Configure FTP Destination Plugin, Configure SFTP Destination Plugin, Configure File System Destination Plugin, Listing Schedule Instances of Publication, Getting Details of Publication and Modifying or Deleting Publication, Personalizing Publication through RESTful API.
• Category Management – You can manage the category using this RESTful API and also perform Listing categories, Creating category, Getting details of the category, Modifying details of the category, Listing first level children under a category, Listing first level document in a category, Deleting category.
• Folder Management – This API helps to manage the folders in repository. You can do Listing folders, Creating folder, Getting details of the folder, Modifying details of the folder, Listing first level children under a folder, Uploading file to the folder, Deleting folder using Folder management RESTful APIs.
• Document Management – Document management APIs are used to manage the documents and also helps to create, modify, list and delete the documents.
• CMS Query – This API helps to query your CMS and do analysis on the server and user data.

These are high level improvements / features are added as part of BI 4.2 SP3 packs and you can check the service Pack 3 guide for more details.


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