About Me

Hello Analyst,
I am Madhes, working as Technical Lead at Bangalore.
Having good amount of experience in SAP BI 4.0 (UDT, WEBI, WEBI Rich Client, RCT, Translation Management Tool), Business Objects XI R2, XI 3.1, Crystal Report 2008, SAP BI Dashboard 4.0 and Data warehousing Concepts.

Leveraging Cloud Computing, Big Data (Hadoop & Hive) and QlikView.

Enjoy your Learning!!!


24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Madesh,
    I was working as sysadmin. Now i moved to bo development project. Now i need to get kt from existing team member who is going to exit in a while. They asked me to prepare the kt plan. could you pls let me know, what are things need to be covered in kt for bo development project. Also in informatica side as well. could you pls share your thought?

    • Hi, you can get universe design & development ( all major functions) and report creation (table, chart, crosstab), ranking, etc., also it’s depends on your project specific requirement.

      • Hi Madhes,

        I am getting cobra error while communicating with the sl service fix in one of my Webi reports
        This reports BICs query reports, After running for more than 10 mins its throwing error.

      • Hi Madesh,

        Kindly let me know how to get the details of the reports that has generated but has no records.

        i mean the reports that are scheduled at a specific time will run even though the back end job has not completed, due to which the reports will have zero records, how can we catch these type of reports from CMS repository.

        • Hi Karthikeyan,

          Try to create back end job completion alert and send that file to BO server. In BO create file based event and make the event to wait for the back end completion file and schedule your report based on that event, so that you can avoid this scenario.

  2. Hi Madhes,
    Thanks for the wonderful work you do here.

    I find your blog very useful in learning.I taught myself SAP BO thru various blog sites including yours and i have read all your posts on UDT and WebI.Now i would like to learn about SAP BO design studio and i thought maybe you can give me some heads up.

    Loooking forward to hear from you.

    Meenashankar Sivasamy

  3. Hi Madesh..

    I found your blog is very helpful .

    I am having question sap bo enterprise having a licence key to use then why dashboard and crystal report having separate key licence key ? because both tool is part of sap bo package.


  4. Hi Madhesh, nice to see your blog!!! when i am searching for an article related to upgradation from BOXiR3 to BI4.2 I found your blog. Still im searching only im using soalris versin to upgrade the environment. so kindly provide me any inputs on that solaris or links related. I got one from your blog. deski to webi report conversion tool (RPT) so many problems we are facing.

    • Hi, I am not having any doc/ link related to Solaris currently and defnetly I will provide you the details.

      Kindly post all your deski to webi related queries under the specific post and it would help others also learn more.


  5. I am planning to create a new webi reports instead of RPT using it, from deski to webi. want you say’s . however your input please.

  6. Hi Madhes,

    Thank you for sharing the information about technologies. I have got lots of information from SAP BO blog


  7. Hi Madhesh, have you done Salesforce/BO real time integration ever. have you experienced any issues with subqueries, data range prompts

  8. You are doing a great job. I have one query. We are planning to move the external destination server information for all our webi reports. Do you have any utility which we can use to change the server information for more than 1000 reports at once.

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