Data Visualization – Features Comparison (QlikView vs Tableau vs SAP Xcelsius)

Current Business intelligence & Data Visualization market has lots of tools and have done some case study to compare their features especially for Data visualization tools feature comparison for  QlikView, Tableau and SAP BI Dashboard (Xcelsius).  Each tools has its own specialism and you can choose any tools which fits for your requirement.

Data Visualization – Features Comparison

Qlik Logo Tableau Logo SAP Logo
Area Feature QlikView Tableau Xcelsius
Data Access Local data files (text, spreadsheet etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Relational databases (SQLServer, Oracle etc.) Yes Yes No
OLAP cubes (MSAS, Essbase etc.) No Yes No
Online data sources Yes Limited No
Multi-source access Yes Yes Yes
Multi-table access Yes Yes Limited
Extracted data storage Proprietary Optional (proprietary) Limited
Maximum capacity Billions of rows Unlimited Limited
In-memory engine Desktop or Server Desktop or Server Desktop or Server
Development approach Data access model Scripting (with wizards) Menu-based Menu-based
Extract, Transform, Load features Scripting No No
Calculations Scripting IDE IDE
Data aggregation control Yes Yes Yes
Table calculations Yes Yes No
Data subsetting Yes Yes Yes
Applications built by Developer Analyst Developer
User Interface design Drag-and-drop Yes Partial No
Free-form filter placement Yes Limited Limited
Standard visualizations (table, bar, line, plot, crosstab) Yes Yes Yes
Advanced visualizations Dial, sparkline, radar Bullet
Statistical analysis Medium Medium No
Embed images and text Yes Yes Yes
Geographic mapping Limited Yes Yes
Embed web browser Yes Yes No
Usage Ad hoc analysis Limited Yes Limited
Custom applications Yes Limited No
Recurrent reporting Yes Yes No
Dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Operation Run from desktop Yes Yes Yes
Automated desktop build from server Yes Yes Yes
Run from server Yes Yes Yes
User/Group security Yes Yes Yes
Automated publish to users Yes Yes Yes
Automated publish to static format (PDF etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Publish to Flash No No Yes
Platform apps iPhone/iPad, Android iPhone/iPad No
Zero-footprint browser version Yes Yes Yes

All three tools are available for free trail to get your POC work and then you can decide which tool fits for your requirement.

QlikView Free trail  : Click Here

Tableau Free Trail : Click Here

SAP BI Dashboard (Xcelsius) Free Trail : Click Here


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