What’s new in Upgrade Management Tool (UMT) 4.2

In the Upgrade management Tool 4.2, there are several functions / options got enhanced to get better results in the upgrade. Below are the highlights of new enhancements in UMT 4.2

Welcome page enhanced

In 4.2, UMT welcome screen you can change the temporary location and also select the UMT log levels.

Enhanced Filter Page

New Select filter page is added and the main purpose of select filter page is to reduce the number of document being displayed. It allows you to filter the documents based on the below criteria.
• Filter based on documents created/ modified time
• The object type
• The previously migrated content

Temp Space Requirement

You can get the minimum temporary space required by UMT for document migration in the summary page.

Document Instance selection

While selecting the Importing Pending/recurrence Instances option in Object select page, you can choose the only pending/recurrence instances to migrate and you can ignore the older instances. It will help you to avoid unwanted / old completed instances in your migrated system.

Enhanced Log Page

On the log on page there is an option to Save credentials for future usage. By checking this option system saves the CMS user name and BIAR location. Henceforth, when you log on to UMT, by default the CMS username and BIAR location are populated with the saved information.

Migrate Security

If you want to migrate security rights from the source deployment to the destination deployment then select the Security Check box in the upgrade option page.

To Know more details about upgrade management Tool (UMT), Please click here.


6 thoughts on “What’s new in Upgrade Management Tool (UMT) 4.2

  1. Hi Madhes,

    thank you for the blog. please can you share the upgrade document for bi 4.1 to bi 4.2 on linux with oracle db and cluster/distributed installation.

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