Dynamic Logo/image in BO webi report

Company Logo in your report header / footer

Most of the companies would display their logos in their Webi report Header / footer and it’s a very simple task to add in company logo to the report. But when there is a change / update in your company logo you have to update each & every reports (considering 200+ reports) and it’s a huge effort to make changes in all the report.

To overcome this situation, place your company logo into your BO server Installation image location (<INSTALL DIR>\Images) and the image placed must be in either Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) or Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format.

Once you placed the logo to BO images directory use “boimg” function to display the image in your report. Please a blank cell in your Webi report header / footer.

Dynamic Image in Webi1

Go to cell properties –> Click Background Image.

Dynamic Image in Webi2

Place “boimg://DWBICastle_logo_165x37.gif”  (make sure you are using proper image name & format properly) in the Image from URL option and change the position as Center and apply & OK.

Dynamic Image in Webi3

Dynamic Image in Webi4

Dynamic Image display in Webi reports

You can display the image (logo) dynamically in your BO webi report based on your report data. These dynamic image displays would help you to reduce manual intervention in the report. Mostly dynamic image display would help Human Resource (HR) department to get their employees photo into report and that should display based on their employee name.

Example, You have to place all your employee photo’ with their proper name under the Image location mentioned above and create a report. Imagine you have Employee Name, Description, etc., object and you want to display the report as below.

Dynamic Image in Webi5

Make sure you are placing the photos with proper employee full name in the image location. Create the report using employee name & Description and insert one new column named Employee ID.

Go to the formula editor of that new column and Type formula as below.

=”boimg://” + [Employee Name] + “.jpg”

Click Validate and click OK. Select the Employee ID column in the report and go to the properties and Select “Image URL” in the Read cell content as. Now you can pictures of each employee in the report.

Note: “Boimg” is a in-build Webi function to get the images from the BO image directory.

Read the blog and simplify your image / logo display process in your report.


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