@DerivedTable Function in IDT

@DerivedTable is a new function in IDT and its used within the derived Table and also called as “’derived table on a derived table”. @DerivedTable function in the definition of nested derived tables and is a table that is derived from at least one existing derived table.

The syntax of the @DerivedTable function is:

@DerivedTable(<Derived table name>)

<Derived table name> is the name of the derived table you want to reference and it should be defined within double quotes. The @DerivedTable function is only used in the definition of derived tables in the data foundation.

Insert Derived table in Data foundation:

Derived Table “Region_Sales_derived” created.

This “Region_Sales_Derived” derived table will be used in another derived table using @DerivedTable function.

Note: In database-specific SQL (multisource-enabled data foundations), all tables referenced must be from the same connection.


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