SAP BO BI 4.2 SP5 CMC – System Configuration Wizard

The System Configuration Wizard is a tool that you can use to configure your BI platform deployment simply and quickly which is available in CMC.

The wizard guides you through the basic configuration options, resulting in a working deployment using common settings such as
• which products’ servers you want to start automatically with the BI platform
• whether you want to optimize your deployment for maximum performance, or for limited hardware resources the locations of system folders

By default, the wizard is set to run automatically when you log in to the Central Management Console (CMC), but you can change this setting in the wizard. You can also start the wizard at any time from the Manage area in the CMC

Note: It is a good practice to set the wizard not to run automatically, to prevent accidental reconfiguration and also it is recommended that you perform a full backup before using the wizard to make changes to an existing system.


Product section displays all the available products and this section describes that whether to auto start of the relevant product servers or not. You can click the (?) to get to know the list of servers for each product.


The existing settings were configured outside of the System Configuration Wizard. If you want to modify the configuration, clear the “Keep existing configuration” check box.

You can click the sizing section to know about the BI deployment sizing.

Sizing –

Deployment Template:


Folders section describes the folders where all the information stored into the system (hard drive folder details).


Since no change made on the configuration, the review section shows no change made and if you update anything in the configuration, this section shows all the changes.

Click Apply, system will apply the changes and displays the log (also you can download the log files).

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